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The simple, light-weight, and yet powerful multi-browser extension for your browsing sessions!

A secure browser in every tab, designed specifically for Firefox
You can open in one tab, then open in another one, as many as you want

Manage Identities

Login into multiple users accounts. A unique session is contained within each tab. Cookies, local storage, and other data are separated between each tabs. Each tab represent a new browsing session.

Illusion Proxy

IllusionFox’s proxy per tab assigns a unique proxy ip address per tab. Every tab is a new identity when you bundle secure session, proxy ip, and anti-browsing fingerprinting.
*A proxy package is required for this feature.


IllusionFox’s algorithm hash stops fingerprinting. A different Canvas and Fingerprint is assigned per tab.
Test IllusionFox with Panopticlick and Browserleaks.


IllusionFox is designed and reviewed for the open source Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Buy IllusionFox Today

IllusionFox is an independent full-service software developer focused on privacy and identity protection for users.

Our team consists of passionate individuals from around the world, each of whom brings a unique skill set and perspective to the table.

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Social Media

Manage all your accounts with each tab on your browser. No more logging in and out of your accounts.

Quality QA Testing

3rd parties tools such as Selenium webdriver with IllusionFox allows you to automate and create multiple instances to perform pristine testing.

Web Developers

Improve your productivity when working with multiple sites and clients.


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Bring an end to tracking and browser fingerprinting.


$10 USD / Monthly plus a 7-day free trial

Multi-Session Browsing

Illusion Proxy

$450 USD / Monthly

IllusionFox Proxy Package


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